I’ve used Sublime for years and now VSCode for the last 6 months full time (because it was easier to get running in a bank).
I still prefer Sublime in most ways and challenge anybody to move around the editor and write code as fast and productively as I can on it.

What is better about Sublime?
- Lightning years more responsive and fast, even though it’s also searching node_modules
- Don’t need to restart to install/uninstall plugins. You can even develop plugins for Sublime, in Sublime, and have it live update as you’re writing it.
- Better keyboard shortcuts, including some vital ones VSCode doesn’t even have without plugins (such as deleting a whole line)

What is better about VSCode?
- Intellisense (I’m usually not too bothered about it though)
- Go to definition works a lot better and something I have grown to find very useful

I make UIs and such. Using JS mostly but I like to dabble.

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