Nice article but I’m going to have a little rage against sagas here as they are an abomination unto man. As if redux wasn’t enough boilerplate already why not make your actions useless functions which return objects, make a new folder full of sagas using a dozen new and cryptic API methods that nobody understands — “ah you have a takeEvery AND a while(true) loop you fool — you should know that internally takeEvery already has a loop!”, “What’s the difference between yield, yield*, and yield [] and how do they affect fork and call?”, add the easy possibility of a race condition (components rendered before sagas finish installing hooks so be prepared to wrap all components in a HOC which waits for them), use generators so that if you get any uncaught errors all you have to go by is “uncaught r in r” in the generator polyfill, maybe even add a new folder of “selectors” for extra masochism /endrant

I make UIs and such. Using JS mostly but I like to dabble.

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